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Why a growbox for bonsai?

What is a bonsai growbox?

It I actually exactly what the name makes you think it is. A box to grow bonsai and/or pre-bonsai in. Normally these are constructed with a very well-draining bottom, and made to size for the tree that you are going to …

Deadwood workshop with Christian Przybylski

Participating in a bonsai workshop at the Bonsai Museum Dusseldorf
It is the middle of winter. At sunrise winter shows itself again. -5 Degrees celcius. Clear blue skies. And I am in the car to the Bonsai Museum Dusseldorf. This is next door to the home …

Winter in Bonsai Museum Dusseldorf

Location of the Bonsai Museum
It is still early on the 4th of December when I arrive in Dusseldorf. I am visiting the Bonsai Museum Dusseldorf today. I am participating in a workshop on deadwood for bonsai. however, first I would like to have a walk …

Olive pre-bonsai repotting

Winter was coming and this olive needed a repot into proper bonsai substrate.

1. Olea Europea. November 2016.

Sickly olive from sell-out corner.
Yes. it is notso healthy. But at 50% off at the local garden centre.. What can you do.

Starting bonsai from seed using collected Malus seeds

Yes. It does take a bit of patience. It may take ten years before you have anything looking like a tree. But yeah, it is also fun. Growing from seeds. So I started a new batch.

Burrs 2016

Burrs is a bonsai styling workshop in Bury, held roughly every two years by T. Tickle.

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