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Developing bonsai maple branches – spring work

With spring in full swing in Texas, USA, Scott Barboza has worked on one of his maple bonsai in development again. On one of the well known bonsai forums (bonsainut) he showed how he works maples in earlier stages of development, in order to develop …

Build instructions for a bonsai growbox

A basic instruction to create a wooden growbox for bonsai
It really is very easy to build a basic growbox for your trees. Besides some bits of wood, all you need is a few screws, and tools. With this you can build a basic growbox for …

Winter in Bonsai Museum Dusseldorf

Location of the Bonsai Museum
It is still early on the 4th of December when I arrive in Dusseldorf. I am visiting the Bonsai Museum Dusseldorf today. I am participating in a workshop on deadwood for bonsai. however, first I would like to have a walk …

Starting bonsai from seed using collected Malus seeds

Yes. It does take a bit of patience. It may take ten years before you have anything looking like a tree. But yeah, it is also fun. Growing from seeds. So I started a new batch.

Unwanted holiday souvenir: Zylella Fastidiosa

Holidays! Great. Spending time in Italy, and finding nice Olive Yamadoori. Is this not the greatest thing? Unfortunately, nowadays, this is not the case anymore. The brinbing of trees from Southern Europe may have huge implications. Which you ask? I’ll tell you!

Trident root over rock: the start

Root over rock trident in growpot

In the spring of 2015 I took cuttings of my trident bonsai. To my surprise, one of the cuttings took, and in March 2016 I decided a root over rock planting would be my aim. As such, I put a thin layer of soil over …

Taking pictures of bonsai

Carved trunk

Taking a good picture of your bonsai can be very usefull. Think of situations like submitting your tree for an exhibition. Submitting a very good, clear picture of your tree can hugely improve your chances of the tree being accepted. But also if you are …

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