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Growing Bonsai from Seed: Summer repotting of seedlings

When you are growing bonsai from seed, it is possible to create a great Nebari. To do this, you need to repot & work on the roots in the early years after propagation.

Growing aerial roots on bonsai

Why do trees in nature grow an abundance of aerial roots? Why do they often fail to do this as a bonsai?

Nebari development and shallow roots for bonsai

How to develop great nebari for Bonsai
Just by making small adjustments in your potting strategy you can improve your tree dramatically

Nebari creation with seedlings.

Preparing seedlings to create bonsai with a great nebari
. Yes. Already very young plants can be prepared to create a top nebari on a bonsai. How?

Nebari creation with young plants

Creating great nebari for Bonsai using young plants
. When working with you plants you do not always have full control over the nebari. You can however dor some simple things to improve the nebari.

The perfect root flare

The basis of bonsai is a good rootflare.
So wat is a good root system?

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