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Avoid winter damage in bonsai: Sun and wind

Winter in the bonsaigarden

Everybody who has bonsai knows the worry at the end of winter. A tree is a little slow in responding to warmer weather. No bud is swelling. No green line is showing. Has the bonsai died over winter? This post is part of a series …

Avoid winter damage in bonsai: Low winter temperatures

Winter kills bonsai. The drops in temperatures can cause a lot of damage to our bonsai and the roots. How do you stop winter from killing your bonsai?

Avoid winter damage in bonsai: Insects

Scale infection

Bonsai run the risk oof dying over winter. N an attempt to best prepare for winter, this article deals with the risk of insect damage to bonsai over winter.

What kills bonsai in Winter?

It is springtime. Slowly the buds of our bonsai start to swell. But some of them don’t? Did something kill it over winter?
The most common causes of bonsai mortality over winter explained!

Why a growbox for bonsai?

What is a bonsai growbox?

It I actually exactly what the name makes you think it is. A box to grow bonsai and/or pre-bonsai in. Normally these are constructed with a very well-draining bottom, and made to size for the tree that you are going to …

Unwanted holiday souvenir: Zylella Fastidiosa

Holidays! Great. Spending time in Italy, and finding nice Olive Yamadoori. Is this not the greatest thing? Unfortunately, nowadays, this is not the case anymore. The brinbing of trees from Southern Europe may have huge implications. Which you ask? I’ll tell you!

Aphids. How to reduce their impact

Aphids. Bonsai Bane!
How do you go about protecting your trees without spending the world on pesticides?

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