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Deadwood workshop with Christian Przybylski

Participating in a bonsai workshop at the Bonsai Museum Dusseldorf

Deadwood workshop with Christian Przybylski

Deadwood workshop with Christian Przybylski

It is the middle of winter. At sunrise winter shows itself again. -5 Degrees celcius. Clear blue skies. And I am in the car to the Bonsai Museum Dusseldorf. This is next door to the home of Werner Busch, owner and operator of the bonsai museum dusseldorf. This is also the location of the workshop deadwood I am visiting today.

The workshop was led by Christian Przybylski, one of the well known artists when it comes to deadwood work. He started off the workshop by handing out a sheet of papers with his workshop/talk on it. The general setup deal with hand tools, electronic grinders, and the proper way to use them, showed on the trees he had brought with him.

The day prooved a good basis to start improving my own deadwood. Especially the tip on creating edges of deadwood to coincide with the edges in the barklines was a good one. So no longercutting through the bark in a curvy lin, but break the barkk along the natural breaks in the bark. This will create a more natural look. Second take home tip from the workshop: Use a lot of wire brushes; They will bring out the grain of the wood beter than any hand adjustment.

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