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Soil mixtures

Bonsai are grown in an extremely small container, with a relatively hig percentage of active roots. This requires special soil. In general, bonsai grow in soil that is very coarse an open, allowing excess water to flow out and air to move into the rootball. What exactly should be in a soil mixture depends on local conditions and personal preference. Below you will find a few commonly used soil components and suggestions for bonsai soil recipies.

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  • Great article!

    It is very important to do your research if you are re-potting a tree for the first time to make sure you know what type of soil and drainage your Bonsai species prefers.

    Because Bonsai can be very volatile in early stages making sure you get the right soil mix, and thus that the soil does not stay too damp or dry, is integral to the first few years growth.

    You can mix potting mix with some sand, but I prefer a good mix of Akadama soil.

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