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Sageretia Theezans

Sageretia Theezans is a shrub which grows to a size of about 3 meters in its native Southern China. Common names are Mock Buckthorn, Sweet-plum or Chinese sweet plum.

Sageretia Theezans

Sageretia Theezans

Position. As with all bonsai trees, this plant should be kept outdoors whenever possible. In summer therefor an outdoor position is appreciated. Keep in mind that his tree is an understory plant, and therefor does not like strong direct sun. Only early morning or late afternoon sun is acceptable. For the rest of the day filtered light is required.

Sageretia are slightly frost resistent, but should be taken indoors when continuous frost, or several degrees below freezing are expected. As such, it is a plant which in winter is typically kept indoors. Here humidity is often too low for this plant from moist tropics. Therefore placing a humidity tray underneath the pot may assist in keeping the plant in good health. Furthermore, frequent misting is appreciated by the tree.

sageretia theezans leaves

Sageretia theezans leaves

Watering. The plant likes to have permanent moisture. Never let te roots dry out completely. Allow the soil to dry out just slightly before watering. It helps to have some water-retaining components in the soil such as pine bark or coco-peat.


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