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Bonsai Styles.

A number of generic shapes for Bonsai can be distinguished. Each one of these is based on an existing shape of trees in nature. The styleform is based on the trunkline of the tree, and the number of trunks on the plant. When you are about to style a tree, think of these styles and see which matches the existing trunkline best.

How big are bonsai?
It is an important question to ask yourself when you start off with bonsai. Because the trees are small, but still fairly big. How big..?

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Pierneef bonsai Style
is a tree that looks like a mejestic savanna tree. Originating from South Africa, this is a dificult style, due to its simplicity.

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Birch trunk

How tall should a bonsai be?
It is actually fairly easy to answer this question. If you know how big the trunk is in any case..

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Carved trunk

Size of bonsai
Bonsai come in a range of sizes. Have a look at some of them.

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