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Rooting Japanese Bonsai Cuttings

Rooting Japanese maple cuttings made easy! 5 steps and a video too explain it all!

Airlayering maples for bonsai

Update on Acer palmatum Arakawa cuttings

Nebari development Zelkova clump bonsai

Zelkova bonsai: From dead stick to clump

My trees

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Bonsai yew wired (Nov 2021)

Another 2 years taxus bonsai from hedge

It has been two years since the first rough styling of this taxus bonsai. Time for an update!

Making Hawthorn bonsai flower

Zelkova bonsai forest development

Nebari development: Ebihara technique


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Ficus for bonsai

Because of their mallsai affiliation, many people ignore ficus for bonsai Yet, many secies of ficus are great species for bonsai.

Punica Granatum – Pomegranate for bonsai

Ash for bonsai

Field maple for bonsai


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Japanese maple early development

Rooting Japanese Bonsai Cuttings

Pruning a spring flowering lilac tree