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Winter cuttings

Having some nice species of bonsai on your benches ean that you may have loads of cuttings in Winter. How I go about growing roots on these you ask? Have a read!

Growing bonsai from Seed

Growing Ginkgo bonsai from seed.

Collecting seeds for bonsai

My trees

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Winter flowers?

Getting raintree to flower? STratngely enough, this one started flowering as soon as winter hit!

Yew bonsai from hedging material

Japanese Maple Emergency

Olive bonsai chopped


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Taxus baccata and cuspidata

Many tree species are used as bonsai. Identification is at times dificult and keeping track of the treatment even more so. In this article we look at Taxus as a family for bonsai and how to care of them, as part of our section on shot-needled conifers for bonsai.

Ulmus parvifolia

Acer palmatum

Ficus microcarpa


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Winter cuttings

Creating deadwood on Yew

Horticultural Dormant Spray Oil for bonsai