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Arakawa cutting

Bonsai propagation by cuttings in spring

Taking cuttings is a perfect way to get more plants of your favorite type. Thi spring, I decided to try some Arakawa japanese maple cuttings.

Bonsai layering – Step by step explanation

Transplanting maple seedlings for bonsai

Winter cuttings

Growing bonsai from Seed

My trees

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Pre-bonsai maple ready for trunk removal

Removing side branches

From growing fields one can get pretty decent bonsai material and older stock is often affordable. But, like for this maple, sometimes you need to make drastic cuts.

Winter flowers?

Yew bonsai from hedging material

Japanese Maple Emergency


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Ash for bonsai

Ash are fast growing trees with opposing compound leaves. Identification is made easy thanks to the black buds.

Field maple for bonsai

Privet (Ligustrum) for bonsai

Taxus baccata and cuspidata


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Nature’s little helpers

Removing azalea bonsai flowers

Bonsai spring cleaning and wiring