1. Olea Europea. November 2016.

Sickly Olive as purchased
Sickly Olive as purchased

Come winter, the garden centres do want to get rid of their stock. Many plants get frost damage in the plastic pots full of wet soil. So it is always a good idea to spend a day roaming the discount section of your local garden centres come winter. Normally this is what I do every fall.

This year, it had to be a post at a forum I am a member at. I was reminded by one of the members of the discount section and decided to stop by at the local garden centre chain. After half an hour it became clear that nothing of interest was for sale. Have you noticed too that garden centres more and more are selling only 1 year old grafted plants? In any case.. I came across a table with a few olive plants. They all looked sickly, infected by insects or fungi and frost damaged. So I asked one of the salespersons whether these olives would go on sale too. He was surprised: yes, they should be. I in the end was offered one for 50% off. I decided to take one. Yes. It is ill. Yes. There is a risk of not making in through winter. But then again.. It might.

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