How to get from a seed, cutting or basic nursery material to a bonsai.

Growing bonsai was developed to fill a gap in bonsai websites. Most websites and fora on growing bonsai trees assume basic knowledge about horticulture, plant reproduction and general bonsai care. For many people that are just starting off, this however is not a given. Therefor there is a need for more information on the initial steps. This site was set up to provide guidance also in the earlier stages of the bonsai hobby, a framework for people who are getting interested in bonsai and would like to know how to get started, and what to do. Of course, that is not where we will stop. The endresult will hopefully become a usefull resource for the novice to the experienced bonsai artist.

The site is a project by bio-vision and was started in Jan. 2013. As there is a lot of material to write, I am always happy to publish some of other people’s work. So if you think you have a nice subject, please let me know!

I realize the site is still lacking many basic articles. They are being written, and I aim at getting up at least one new article each week. So please check back every once in a while to see what is new on the website.

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  1. Thank you for this information. Googled for a half an hour before I found you blog. I am a beginner in Bonsai and truly appreciate this fundamental approach.

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