New Talent Contest Germany

Last weekend saw the annual national bonsai exhibition of Germany. During this exhibition also the finals of the New Talent Competition took place.

Because I am a resident of Germany for a while now, and a member of a German bonsai Club, I was also invited to participate. My club supported me, and as such, I was part of the national finals last weekend.

How does the NTC work?

Each participant gets allocated a raw tree to style through a lottery system. After distributing the trees, all contestants get 4 hours to create an as mature looking bonsai as possible. Based on that image and the techniques used the trees are judged. The best tree wins. The winner is then selected as delegate for the country in the European round of the New Talent Competition.

Long story short.. Next year I will represent Germany in the European heat of the New Talent competition because last weekend I won the national round. A short impression..

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