Spindle repotting time

In late March 2018 it was time to get this Eonymous repotted. Last year I realized the water was not draining as well anymore, and the plant was suffering during hot periods. So, time to lift this plant from its pot and see how well the roots had regrown.

During repotting you have your only option to work on the roots. So take this opportunity to really study the roots and create a better nebari. Especially when working on trees that have grown in the ground for a long time, and have only recently been moved to a bonsai pot, trimming roots hard is a requirement.

Have a look at the bottom of the rootball. When I first got the tree, I went easy on the roots, not knowing the species, nor how long they had been laying around. However, now at repotting I knew the species better, and was confident the tree was healthy. So this time around I pruned back an old root stump at the bottom. Furthermore, I hollowed the rest of the big roots a little, hoping to get a number of smaller roots emerging along the cut area..

After the heavy work, and trimming the massive mat of fine roots back, the tree went back in its pot. Ready for another bit of growing.

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