Winteractivities: Cleaning and painting the benches

The last weeks have been dreary, grey and wet. As such, ideal weather to look at the bonsat stands, clean them up and paint them, so they are ready for the new season. Each fall I take the stands apart and bring them into the shed. After cleaning them and drying for a few weeks, I typically paint all the parts. This is particularly important as some of the benchtops are made of untreated timber –read more about these simple bonsai stands-. In any case. The stands were nice and dry and ready to be treated again. As many benches were pretty green this fall, I also treated the wood with algea stopper.

All this cleaning and treating is of course a lot of work. But it does mean the wood lasts a lot longer. Furthermore, it kills off any insect eggs that may have been deposited on the benches. And it is a good moment to check all the stands and repair any broken bits. This way, you ensure all stands are ready for another growing season. And lets be honest. It just looks much better once everyting is clean and painted!

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