Bonsai Europa, a seriously good show!

After two years of prepping, finally he realized his dream this morning with opening Bonsai Europa. Tony Tickle decided two years ago that it had been too long since a big bonsai show took place in the UK. So he started preparing.

exciting new bonsai show!

effectively, Tony managed to organize one exciting show, bringing together some 125 top quality trees from around Europe. the conclusion, Bonsai Europa is a top show, worthy of the name, top show in Europe.


best trees

As often in shows, some trees were voted as best for specific categories. Pictures will have to wait till after the sow, so all can be enjoying the tree live. but the winning trees are:

best deciduous
Beech raft by David Barlow

Best coniferous
Japans white pine informal upright by Marc en Rita Cooper

Best shohin
Ittoigawa juniper by John Armitage

Beste tree overall
Shohin display by Marc and Rita Cooper

Sonderpreis from the Bonsaimuseum Dusseldorf
Ulmus minor by Will Baddely


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