Fagus bonsai taking shape

2017 fagus bonsai update

This picture is from the summer of 2017. Only time creates convincing bonsai. This tree is taking its time. Slowly the branches start to show ramification. The first young branches are starting to thicken. And on the lower part of the trunk a bud has allowed a low branch t grow out. However, all this is clearly nog enough yet to get the leaves to reduce. But that is fine. There are years untill this will have a final image. So large leaves = lots of energy = growth.

Let it grow!

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  1. Hi,
    Sorry to trouble but I am quite curious about the progress of the beech you have shared on BN in the The Tree Thread 22nd Nov 2020. Are there any new buds developed over the winter on the pruned branches? Could you share any update on it, please? Just trying to understand and evaluate technique applied by other guys.


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