Fagus Sylvatica bonsai in the making

After having been allowed to root and recover, in the winter of 2015/2016 this tree was trimmed, and fully wired for the first time. I aimed at making this in a very feminine tree. So long lines, slender trunks and branches. Lots of curves. I think this was succesfull. For the next years the focus is not on getting ramification, and some more branches lower on the trunk. Ideally a sacrifice branch can be grown on the bottom half of the first section. That however, is up to the backbudding.

Fagus sylvatica, before leaf cutting
Fagus sylvatica, summer

For the rest of the year the tree was left to grow. In early spring however, I trimmed back the new growth to the first 3-4 leaves to create a second flush of green, which was then left on the tree, except for the top. I do not want the top to grow out too much, untill I have achieved a good basic branch structure for the rest of the tree.

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