Update on Acer palmatum Arakawa cuttings

In spring 2020 I took tip cuttings of trident and Japanese ‘arakawa’ maples. I am very happy with the outcome. Of the 7 cuttings I put in the pot, one died in the process. The others kept their leaves for most of the summer.

Rooted Arakawa cuttings
Rooted Acer palmatum ‘arakawa’ cuttings

Mid-summer I saw some new growth and I opened the ziplock, slowly getting the humidity to balance with the outside. I left the pot in the shade of my bench and other plants, just giving it maybe an hour of early morning sun.

In late summer the bag was removed and the pot was placed in dappled shade. The foliage is as lush as it was when the cuttings were taken, en growth was clear now. A light fertilizer was added twice over summer.

Come November 2020 and it was time to take a peek. End result: 4 happy cuttings, one more with roots but very little to go for it. And one without roots. Overall, 4 out of 7 certainly made it. One of them was given away. Another planted over a rock. The other three are waiting for spring, slowly pushing buds. Guess in spring I will take a few more.

The tridents are a different story: Not a single one rooted. I will try again this year, but take trident a little later.