Where does Mr Kimura get his rocks?

Kimura Bonsai Garden
Everybody who follows bonsai master Kimura knows: He has created some amazing rock plantings.

Also during the opening of the World Bonsai Convention he created a “quick” rock planting. But whenever you start looking for them, you realize you cannot just buy one of the rocks he uses. In fact, it is unclear where he buys them. Untill now. He actually makes them himself!

In the following video you can get an idea of the process involved in creating the rock for the rock planting. Are you sure you want to create your own rocks?

3 Comments on “Where does Mr Kimura get his rocks?”

  1. Mmmh.. very large swath of work missing there. It goes from a fairly workable stone he is chipping away at the top, with hammer and chisel, to painting and sealing a much smaller rock with a lot of very well rounded protrusions. Given how easily chunks chip away in the first half of the meeting I wonder how he managed to create those protrusions without them falling off.

    1. What I understood from some earlier discussion on the subject is that smaller ortary tools are used to create the final rock. This is the first rough shaping.

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