World Bonsai Convention 2017

World Bonsai Convention

This week Japan will host the 8th world bonsai convention, organized by the World Bonsai Friendship Federation. After hosting the first edition of this event, in 1989 in Omiya, Japan, the event has been hosted by different countries around the world. This edition is the first time it returns to Japan, and promises to be a spectacle. The offcial opening is today, with a demonstration by Mr Kimura. After the demonstration, a dinner for registered participants will highlight the events focus on friendship through bonsai.

All throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday the event will be open and demonstrations will be given by well-known artists from all over the world (schedule). In total 13 Japanese and 8 International artists will show their skills and artistics insights. These will include as said before Kimura, but also persons like Kunio Kobayashi, Shinji Suzuki, Werner Busch (EU) and Bjorn Bjorholm (North America).

Of course this weekend will also host drones of people participating to get a glimps of some rare and unique bonsai. Over 300 trees will be on display, several of them already in training as bonsai for several centuries (Exhibition overview).

If you are not able to participate in the show, you can of course over the internet get some indication of the extent and content of te demonstrations. Then I of course do not (only) refer to the current website. A livestream will be enabled on the event main website:

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