Punica Granatum – Pomegranate for bonsai


Pomegranate bonsai
Pomegranate bonsai

Pomegranates are nice plants for bonsai. The species main attraction are the bright red flowers. In good years these can even grow the well-known fruits, the pomegranates. With good weather these grow fast and young fresh branches can be wired and placed without any problems. With sunny warm weather they can grow fast and young branches take well to wiring and shaping. Pruning leads to ramification. All-in-all, a good species for bonsai.

When getting a pomegranate, there are multiple varieties on the market. The normal pomegranate grows very well, but the ‘nana’ gets smaller leaves and the fruits are somewhat smaller too.

Although some varieties are frost-resistant up to -20c, many of the varieties do not take well to frost. As such it is a good idea to provide shelter for frost.

Do not mistake with

This plant is not easily confused with other species. Especially the red tone to young growth is unique. Some people might consider Serissa to look similar.


This is a Mediteranean plant which needs as much sun and heat they can get (within reason).


In summer they get daily water


If you want flowers on your pomegranate, you should not trim the tree. The flowers are formed at the end of branches allowed to grow out for the season. So trim in fall, or spring before it starts growing.


Repot every few years in spring just as the tree starts to grow. These are very strong plants and they grow new roots fast so you can trim back strong.