Starting bonsai from seed using collected Malus seeds

Malus seeds
Malus seeds
A few weeks ago, I was passing through a garden centre. I noticed a bunch of trees for sale with fruit on them. Malus trees. These apples were really small, only a little over a cm (about half an inch). So I decided to collect the fruit so I would have collected seeds to grow bonsai. After picking a few fruits.. I forgot.

So.. as weather is cooling down, I realized that I still had the fruit, and today I finally pulled the seeds from them. As I am a big fan of just following nature, I plant the seeds directly and place the pot outside. The seeds will experience the same weather as normal, and the seeds will wake up come spring.

So, time for waiting now. The collected seeds are outside. In spring they should germinate. And then it is only another 10 years before I have plants worthy to start training as bonsai. But then again.. You do not have to sit stil in the first years. You can start baby bending from a few months of age. If you do not have any experience growing from seed, have a read. I think growing bonsai from seed is a nice experience. And with these collected seeds from Malus you can have a nice bonsai is about 10 years.

Tell me what you think!