Winter preparation

Over the past week temperatures have steadily been dropping here. And although we do not get deep frosts every winter, there certainly is the risk for temperatures below -10C for a longer period of time. As such, I try to protect the plants a little at the first signs of winter.

Clean-up of the bonsai area

The start of winter is an ideal moment for cleanup.
The start of winter is an ideal moment for cleanup.
One of the nice things about this is the option to clean up the bonsai area. Over the year, grit is tossed out of the pots by birds, some bits of wire fall on the ground and fallen leaves accumulate on the ground. All of these together create a bit of a mess in the bonsai area.

So as a start of winter, I take all trees and put them aside. Then I take my benches and put them in the shed to dry. Come spring, they will be completely dry, and will get a new coat of paint before serving me another season. After pulling all the weeds that have sprung up between the stands and a good swipe and the area is ready to receive the trees again. These I bring back, after removing weeds, moss and dead leaves from the pot.

Bonsai winter location

Trees can all stay outside, except for the pines, potentilla and olives. These are in a small greenhouse. The olives to protect them from too much frost. The pines against the rain. My potentillas have a lot of deadwood and I want to protect that from too much wetness too. The rest stays outside in the rain and wind. The plants are on the ground, in a corner of the garden shielded from the sun by a wall, and out of the wind. Only when a sustained frost of -5 or below is expected will maples and other sensitive species be moved into a shed.

Now it is a matter of waiting for winter. And spring, or course.

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