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Acer palmatum arakawa cuttings

Update on Acer palmatum Arakawa cuttings

After nearly one year I can tell these Japanese maple cuttings have rooted and survived their first year. Nice to see this work so effectively.

Nebari development Zelkova clump bonsai

Zelkova bonsai: From dead stick to clump

Bonsai propagation by cuttings in spring

Bonsai layering – Step by step explanation

My trees

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Ebihara nebari technique on trident maple bonsai

Nebari developmek: Ebihara technique

The nebari is core to developing good bonsai. This is one method to enhance the nebari of your trees.

Renovating a Zelkova forest part 3

Zelkova bonsai forest restoration part 2

Zelkova bonsai forest renovation project


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Pomegranate bonsai

Punica Granatum – Pomegranate for bonsai

Pomegranate.. one great species for Bonsai!

Ash for bonsai

Field maple for bonsai

Privet (Ligustrum) for bonsai


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Cherry root over rock bonsai uncovering

Starting a root over rock bonsai

Update on Acer palmatum Arakawa cuttings