Collected a new tree

Fagus Sylvatica, feb 2014
Fagus Sylvatica, feb 2014
So.. In fall I went out to a local forest and collected this european beech, Fagus Sylvatica. The tree itself was about 2 meters tall, with a gentle slender trunkline. After digging the plant from a thick layer of moss, which covered the trunk up to the first branch, it was potted up in a tray with coarse substrate. The substrate in this case consisted of baked clay (catlitter) mixed with some 10% pine bark chips.

For the duraction of winter the pot is placed in the greenhouse to avoid overly dissecting of the plant while recovering from the loss of roots.

Note the winding of raffia around the trunk. Beech is very sensitive to sunburn, especially when the plant was growing in the shelted of other trees and -as in this case- was largely overgrown with moss.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. How much of the root system did you keep, namely, how big (width, depth) of a rootball did you dig out? How much bigger than the rootball is the container you placed it in?

    1. Hi Gabrielle,

      In this case tha plant was growing in moss, and had lots of fine roots neer the trunk. So I collected it with a very small rootbal, less then 1/2 the size of the container.

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